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Imagine that it is the end of another year at university, the weather is nice, you want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine after a long and particularly cold winter. You’d love to spend this time with your friends or just sit in the shade of a big oak-tree, leaning with your back against its trunk and be present in this moment, here and now, listening to birds singing, feeling the warm air caressing your skin, letting the scent of wild flowers take you away to higher states of the consciousness… But there are tons of essays to complete before you can finally enjoy this bliss. And you know that you’ll be able to take your mind off your studies when they finish, and there are just a few weeks left before that time, but ask yourself what would you do if you knew that today was your last day? Would you be stuck in a library in front of the computer researching information for another paper or would you rather meet your friends and family, whom you haven’t seen for a while? Or just see that (last) sunset in the mountains saying good-bye to another day (and another life)? Ask yourself what would you really want to do and what would you do eventually?

If you decide to spend that time outside the academic walls you might want to find an alternative solution to the task of essay writing, especially if the information about your dying day turned out to be false… Taking some time away from the studies was nice, wasn’t it? Tut it is very unlikely that essays will write themselves, is it?

Well, now that you are in a situation when you have too many tasks to complete, why not just ask someone else to do your job for you? There are a number of professional essay writing services available on the Internet and you can visit their sites, click the “order now” button and ask the guys, “Do my essay for me, ok?” It is very easy, you can do your homework in no time and have the time that you would otherwise have spent stuck in a room.


You might write to professional writing services asking them “guys, I’d like you do my essay” for a number of other reasons:

  • You have a job and simply don’t have time for studies. Some start working early, some start working late and some never start working at all. The purpose of university or college is to make a good professional out of you. Depending on the field of your industry, theoretical knowledge can be necessary for you to become a first-class professional. But theory is just one part of the coin. There is practice, too. And in some cases knowing how to do things from the practical point of view is much more valuable for your career than the formality of getting a degree. Additionally, if you feel that you have found your vocation and this job or an activity will become your life, it might be wise to direct more energy into it. In this case, writing to a professional essay service asking them “do my essay” may help you get through the remaining time at university.
  • You want to focus more on those subjects that interest you the most. Throughout your college you might realize that not everything they offer or that you yourself have chosen might be suitable for you. But finally you have found that one area, which interests you in particular. What about all those other subjects that take away your precious time? All you have to do is ask a professional writing service “do my essay” and they will gladly write one for you. If you have several papers to complete, you can just start with one and see how it goes, whether you like the quality or not and if you want to continue cooperating with them. In the overwhelming majority of cases the quality of such papers is really good and with all the time that they save you will likely ask them “guys, do my essay” again.
  • Another reason to email professional writing services with the “do my essays” request is when you are just getting the degree and are not interested in studying at all. University life has many benefits, like socializing and partying with different people, or just meeting cool people to hang out with. You know that studying is not your cup of tea and that you would rather direct your attention to something else instead. You see little meaning in doing all those assignments that eventually no one will need anyway. So why not do something useful for everyone instead? Why not come up with some idea that will change people’s lives for the better in ways you have never dreamt of? If you know you can do it and are ready to prove that to everyone and still get a college degree at the same tim, contacting professional writing services might be a very good option for you.
  • Finally, you might want to use the help of others for your homework if your health is not in the best shape and if you do not want to deteriorate it by additional stress from studies. Getting some help while you are under the weather seems quite reasonable if you want to graduate and then find a job to pay off your student loan. Remember, that the “do my essay” phrase will help you get to the finish line.


There can be various reasons why you would want to use a professional writing service, but in the end it all boils down to one thing – time. Buying essays buys you time for something else and as Tolkien once wrote, “all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us”.


Dec 15, 2013

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